Thursday, December 17, 2009


Back home from Alamanda... We arrived at Alamanda around 8.30 p.m. We went straight to Pizza Hut as we want to try the new dip-licious pizza. Unfortunately, the queue was too long... We decided to go to Secret Recipe and bought some cakes and brownies. After that we went back to Pizza Hut... too bad... the queue was longer. We went to Carrefour. Like usual, ibu will grab some groceries..Went back to Pizza Hut. No more queue but all the seats are occupied. Luckily one kind-hearted waiter saw us and brought us to the only available seat. We are the last customer of the day.. and of course the last to leave Pizza Hut. However, the most important thing, we managed to enjoy the extra delicious dip-licious pizza. To those who loves cheese, trust us..dip-licious pizza from Pizza Hut is fantastic. So.. run straight to your nearest Pizza Hut now... no regret..for sure...

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